Thursday, April 11, 2013

Any questions?

The problem with blogging, for me, is that I can never think of anything to say. Before I sold Beautiful Malice I used to blog quite frequently about whatever took my fancy, and I enjoyed it, and had a bit of a readership. But since being published I've become all self-conscous and I feel like I should have a theme and a structure to my blog, that it should be specifically 'about writing', or 'about my books', or even 'about motherhood' and somehow this inhibits me from actually writing anything. It's all a bit silly really,  since the blogs I enjoy reading most are a bit messy and unstructured, random musings, little snippets of other people's lives. Sometimes just reading what another family eats for breakfast can be fascinating...

Anyway, in an attempt to get my blogging wheels rolling again, I thought that it might be a good idea to offer to answer your questions here. (If you have any questions, that is.) Feel free to ask me anything. About my books, about writing, about being mother to four boys, about living in Canberra. Anything you may be curious about, or not really curious about. Even if you just make up a question to be polite. That would be fine. Better than fine, really. It would be fantastically helpful.

No question is too silly or offensive or boring  - in fact you're doing me a favour and I'll only be grateful.

So, go ahead, ask me a question.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013