Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Damage

So, apparently Sweet Damage is out and about, making its way in the big wide world without me.

It's a weird and wonderful time when your book is first published. I feel slightly hysterical and on edge and am not sure where to direct all this nervous energy.  I went to the shop and saw Sweet Damage stacked on the shelves and felt strangely anxious. I was glad to see it on the shelf, but felt sad when I saw someone pick it up and then put it down again. I had this insane urge to go and buy all the copies myself, as if I could protect it from feeling lonely or rejected. Luckily I realised I was acting like a lunatic, the worst kind of overprotective, grasping parent, and hurried away to buy food for dinner instead. 

My sister told me I should always have another book to get on with, to avoid obsessiveness, and self-googling... and I think she might be right. So while I'm going to do my best to promote Sweet Damage (in a non-annoying way, I hope!) I'm also going to start some new writing, or at least do some serious thinking about new plots and characters, and give Tim and Anna (and Lilla and Fiona and Marcus) some space to make their own way in the world. 

But in the meantime, here's the final back-cover blurb, and, below that, a short extract:

(P.S. Sweet Damage is available as a Kindle ebook for only $9.99)

'I still dream about Anna London's house. In my dreams it's as if the house itself has sinister intentions. But in real life it wasn't the house that was responsible for what happened. It was the people who did the damage ...'

When Tim Ellison finds a cheap room to rent in the perfect location in Sydney it looks like a huge stroke of luck. In fact the room comes with a condition, and the owner of the house, the mysterious Anna London, is unfriendly and withdrawn. When strange and terrifying things start happening in the house at night, Tim wonders if taking the room is a mistake. But then his feelings for Anna start to change, and when her past comes back with a vengeance, Tim is caught right in the middle of it.

A thrilling, rollercoaster of a story - read it with the lights on!